Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for avoiding drugs that cause fatigue?

A General Practitioner (GP) must be consulted first, who would clinically evaluate and recommend the withdrawal or change of medication, from the one which is known to cause fatigue. Based on the observed therapeutic response or continued adverse effect of the drug, the GP may then refer to a specialist who can advise further on the medicines.

2. Which is the best medicine to overcome fatigue?

One can consume over-the-counter medications like anti-inflammatory drugs or pain relievers to get relief from muscle and joint pain, fever and headache.

3. Is fatigue a symptom of cancer?

Yes, fatigue could be a symptom of cancer in some patients. The cancer cells use up body energy or alter the energy production mechanism in cells, thus causing tiredness or fatigue.

4. What foods must be consumed to reduce fatigue?

Nuts, pumpkin seeds, quinoa are some foods that can improve health and reduce fatigue.

5. Is Chronic fatigue syndrome same as fatigue?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a debilitating disorder that is characterized by extreme fatigue and does not go away with rest. Over-the-counter medications containing multi-vitamins like Vitamin B complex help in reducing symptoms of fatigue and tiredness.

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