Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for drug hypersensitivity?

A general practitioner (GP) must be first consulted, with the symptoms. The GP may then refer to an allergist or immunologist who can advise further on the strategy to be used for treating and preventing the recurrence of drug hypersensitivity.

2. Can hypersensitivity be cured?

Yes, hypersensitivity reactions can be cured by withdrawing the drug allergen and administering the supporting treatment.

3. What is a hypersensitivity reaction?

Hypersensitivity is an undesirable reaction or intolerance to a particular drug, which may vary from patient to patient. It involves the immune system.

4. Are all drug allergy reactions fatal?

Only a few cases of drug allergies can be fatal. One must be careful to avoid the allergen if known.

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