Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for dissociative identity disorder?

You can consult a family physician who will be able to identify your problem and refer you to a skilled psychiatrist.

2. How do I come out of the problem?

A skilled physician or psychiatrist will guide you step by step to come out of the problem.

3. Does DID have any complications?

Yes it has complications because the person seeks to find comfort and can come under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The complications may include the abuse of these substances and attempting suicide owing to the severe depression they have. There may instances of violent behaviour too as result of defense mechanism.

4. Does DID require any medication?

Often there is no requirement for any medication; however, when the patient is in a state of aggression or hyperactivity there may be requirement of temporary sedation.

5. Is there a complete cure for DID?

There can be complete cure provided the person is capable of coming to terms with what he or she has faced in the childhood or past.

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