Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which specialist should I consult to rule out a genetic disorder in my baby?

You should consult a child specialist who may refer you to a geneticist for further tests and counseling as may be appropriate

2. Should we compulsorily do screening tests for our baby?

Policies vary from state to state but most centers offer screening for about 30 tests. Parents have the right to say no if they do not wish to do these tests for their baby

3. Will the test be painful for the baby?

The heel prick will cause slight pain and discomfort but heals very fast and leaves no visible scar

4. How long will the results take?

The results will be sent to your doctor within two to three weeks who will notify you about the outcome of the tests

5. What happens if our baby has a positive result?

If your baby has a positive result, the baby may need further evaluation and testing and based on these results early treatment for example a special diet may be recommended to be started immediately

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