Last Updated on Aug 20, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for dermatitis?

A skin specialist or dermatologist should be consulted for dermatitis.

2. How can I know that I am suffering from dermatitis?

If you observe any rashes (redness), itching, swelling, blistering or pain in any part of your skin, you are most probably suffering from dermatitis. This tells you that you should consult a doctor.

3. What is the first aid for dermatitis if I dont immediately have access to a doctor?

You should try to soothe the skin as much as possible. In case of contact dermatitis (allergic or irritant), immediately remove the source of the allergen / irritant. Wash thoroughly with soap and water. In case of other forms of dermatitis, use a soothing emollient or moisturizer that are available at all pharmacies.

4. How serious is dermatitis?

Dermatitis is not life-threatening or a medical emergency. But it is very important that the condition is not neglected as there is always an underlying cause that needs medical attention.

5. How can I prevent dermatitis by lifestyle changes?

In case of serious occupational problems such as continuous exposure to irritant substances, there is a need to use protective clothing (overalls, masks, gloves, goggles etc.). If the problem persists even with these protective measures and the condition is becoming chronic, lifestyle changes such as changing the occupation (thereby changing the working environment) may seriously be considered.

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