Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for advice on use of expiry drugs?

A general practitioner (GP) must be first consulted, if you have consumed a drug that has expired and also if you have developed any symptoms after it consumption. A pharmacist too can be consulted for understanding the potential side effects of expired medications.

2. Should one take expire medication say within a month after its expiry?

One must not use any expired medications as they could have become ineffective or could have become unsafe to consume, because of break-down of the drug into toxic substances.

3. When should medications be disposed?

When the medication has expired or even when not expired but there is any change in appearance, color or smell - the medication must be discarded.

If a treatment schedule has been completed and the medication is no longer required nor would it be used on an as-needed basis, then the medication should be discarded even if it has not reached an expiry date.

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