Last Updated on Apr 11, 2020

How can you Treat Coronavirus?

Currently, there is no specific treatment targeting the coronavirus. Most treatments target the symptoms. Preventive strategies are the best means to curtail the infection.

Vaccines, e.g. DNA vaccines, viral vector-based vaccines, live attenuated viruses, recombinant proteins, inactive viruses have been tested in only animals and not yet in patients.

Antiviral medications, such as those targeting viral proteins (S protein, polymerases, proteases, and MTases) have not been effective in clinical trials. Similarly, recombinant interferon IFN with ribavirin is not very effective in treating the infection.(13)

How do you Prevent Coronavirus?

Coronavirus infections can be prevented with the practice of good hygiene. Following is a list of preventive measures:

  • Wash hands after going out or interacting with people
  • Wear a fitted mask with the absorbent white surface facing the mouth to absorb the germs that you cough out
  • Avoid crowded areas and places with poor ventilation
  • Avoid unprotected contact with live animals
  • Avoid eating uncooked meat or keeping it in contact with other food. Make sure you wash and cook meat and eggs thoroughly.
  • Cover your nose and mouth at all times when coughing or sneezing
  • Avoid travel to reduce contact with potential infected individuals
Prevention of Coronavirus

It is necessary to quarantine an infected individual until the danger of infection passes.

Timely diagnosis is effective in controlling the spread of the disease. Diagnostic delays cause infection to spread in hospitals.


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