Last Updated on Aug 02, 2021

Coronavirus in India

While we need to be careful, we can help ourselves by maintaining basic hygienic measures. There is no need for panic. Most people who have been infected with the new strain of the virus have also cleared the infection spontaneously.

Coronaviruses have been reported in animals in India. In southwest India, severe acute respiratory illness in humans shows a low prevalence of coronaviruses. India did not experience SARS-related mortality as per WHO reports. There were also no cases of MERS in India. In the case of 2019-nCoV, 3 cases have been reported as of February 2020, with no mortality in India. Airports have set up screening systems to detect those with fever. The Ministry of Heath and Family Affairs has provided guidelines for detecting, reporting, and treating the condition.(14)

Fight Coronavirus Spread: Health Screenings at Airports


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