Last Updated on May 27, 2017


Metabolic: Having to do with normal body processes.

Metabolic disorder: Disruption of normal body processes, usually due to deficiency or absence of an enzyme.

Biliary tract: Ducts that carry bile from the liver. They include the left, right and common hepatic, cystic, and common bile ducts.

Cirrhosis: A type of chronic, progressive liverdisease characterized by the presence of scar tissue and liver nodules.

Cholangitis: Inflammation of the biliary tract (bile ducts).

Sclerosis: Hardening or thickening of an organ or tissue, usually due to abnormal growth offibroustissue.

Cholestasis: Condition where bile accumulates within the liver.

Transplant: The surgical transfer of an organ or tissue from one position (or person) toanother.

Necrosis: Changes due to death of cells or tissues.

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