Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Doctor Should I Consult to Rule out Cholecystitis?

You may consult a General Practitioner in the initial stages of the disease. However if surgery is required then a General Surgeon or Gastroenterologist can be consulted.

2. How can Obesity Cause Cholecystitis?

Usually the levels of cholesterol in obese persons are on the higher side and having high levels of cholesterol in the blood is the main cause for developing gallbladder stones.

3. How to Prevent Repeat Attack of Cholecystitis?

A repeat attack of Cholecystitis can be prevented by keeping body weight in a normal range. You are advised to lose weight gradually if you are obese. A weight loss of about 2 kilograms per month is recommended. Also intake of fatty food has to be avoided and emphasis should be more on vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

4. What is a Pseudolith or a "Fake Stone?

The gall bladder is a reservoir for bile. Sometimes the bile stored in the gallbladder thickens to form a sludge which is also known as a pseudolith or fake stone.

5. Is Laparoscopic Surgery or Open Surgery the Best Option for Gallbladder Removal?

Both surgeries are equally effective, however, the resulting scar on the abdomen due to surgical incision is much smaller and less visible after Laparoscopic surgery.

6. Are Gall Stones Found Equally in Both Males and Females?

Gallstones are two to three times more frequent in females than in males.

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