Last Updated on Aug 30, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which specialist should I consult to rule out childhood cancer?

You should consult a pediatric oncologist.

2. Why do little children get cancer?

There is no definite cause found in many cases. In some cases a genetic or familial factor may be found.

3. Are childhood and adult cancers similar or different?

They are very different in nature.

4. Are children with Downs syndrome more likely to develop cancer?


5. Will my insurance cover the cancer treatment expenses?

Please contact your insurance provider to find out.

6. Can prenatal tests diagnose cancer in unborn child?

Scanning during pregnancy may permit early detection of brain tumors. However, definitive diagnosis is only confirmed after birth by histology.

7. What is role of vaccination in preventing cancer?

Vaccination against HPV prevents cervical cancer. Hepatitis vaccination prevents childhood onset of disease and risk of developing liver cancer in adults.

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