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What are the Causes of Bursitis Shoulder?

It is not very clear what exactly causes bursitis shoulder and related shoulder pain but certain common factors have been identified. They are:

  • Increasing age - e.g. in women over the age of 40
  • Infections
  • Other health conditions - diabetes, gout, tendonitis, thyroid disease, arthritis
  • Sports injuries
  • Other injuries, such as falls
  • Overuse of the shoulder - e.g. in students who study for long hours with their elbows resting on the table (studentís elbow) or miners using their hands (minerís elbow)

What are the Symptoms and Signs of Bursitis Shoulder?

Injury, infection, or other health conditions that cause bursitis of the shoulder cause pain to the shoulder and inevitably set off a cycle of increased inflammation, restricted shoulder movement, and pain. This causes restrictions in movement and affects the quality of life. The general symptoms of bursitis shoulder are:

  • Shoulder pain when lying on the affected shoulder
  • Shoulder pain when trying to get something with the affected shoulder
  • Pain when the arm is kept above the head during sleep
  • Pain while sleeping
  • Pain while stretching the affected shoulder
Shoulder Pain: Bursitis Shoulder Symptom


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