What are the Causes of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis?

Drug-resistant tuberculosis usually occurs when the drugs used to treat TB are used inappropriately or not as prescribed.

Some of the causes of DR TB include

  • Person suffering from TB does not complete the complete course of treatment
  • Poor quality of the TB drugs
  • Healthcare provider does not prescribe the right medicament or the dose / duration is incorrect

Other reasons include

  • Person is exposed to someone who suffers from DR TB
  • Person suffering from TB has a relapse, after being cured from TB in the past

MDR TB spreads in the same way as drug-susceptible TB. It spreads when a person infected with TB disease of the lungs or throat coughs, sneezes, sings or shouts.

What are the Symptoms of Multi drug resistant TB?

The general symptoms of person suffering from active TB include weight loss, loss of appetite, fever and weakness. A person suffering from TB of lungs may exhibit symptoms of cough, chest pain and coughing out blood.

Symptoms of Drug-Resistant TB


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