Last Updated on Jan 23, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Whom do you consult to get treated with immunotherapy for cancer?

An oncologist would be the person to consult. A secondary specialist would also have to be consulted depending on the type of cancer.

2. How are the actions of immunotherapy and chemotherapy different?

Chemotherapy acts only as long as the drug remains in the body. Immunotherapy has a long-term protection as the immune cells remember the cancer cells and act on them even after the treatment has stopped.

3. Can immunotherapy be combined with other cancer treatments?

Yes, it can. It can be combined with chemotherapy and / or radiation depending on the individual’s response.

4. Is immunotherapy the future of cancer treatment?

Going by the advancements made by immunotherapy research over the past decade, it can be expected that new avenues in immunotherapy will definitely unfold itself.

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