Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for Bulging Eyes?

You may consult your family physician initially who may refer you to an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) or an endocrinologist (specialist who treats diseases and conditions related to hormonal imbalance) if required.

2. Do Bulging Eyes go away?

The bulging may improve somewhat over time, but does not usually go away completely.

3. Can you pop your eyes out?

Few people can dislocate their eyeballs on purpose or someone with shallow eye sockets or floppy eyelid syndrome might pop their eyeballs during a regular eye examination.

4. Do all hyperthyroid patients have bulging eyes?

Up to fifty percent of hyperthyroid patients develop bulging eyes.

5. Why does Grave’s disease make your eyes bulge?

Grave’s disease causes inflammation of the eye muscles and tissues of the eyes which make your eyes bulge.

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