Last Updated on Nov 27, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for brain metastasis?

Since brain metastases occur due to prior cancer conditions, you must visit your oncologist to verify the symptoms observed. The diagnosis will be based on the combined observations of the oncologist, radiation oncologist, neurosurgeon, and other relevant medical experts.

2. Is there a cure for brain metastases?

Survival rate is low for brain metastases. With improved diagnosis and treatment strategies, the quantity of life has slightly improved but there is no complete cure.

3. How does metastatic brain cancer affect survival?

The survival of individuals with metastatic brain cancer depends on the overall health of the individual, the number of brain lesions, and the type of tumor involved in the metastasis. Poor health, lesions in inaccessible parts of the brain, large number of lesions, primary tumors like melanoma, lesions in areas of the brain that affect movement or speech, are also unfavorable indicators of survival.

4. What is the frequency of metastasis in the brain?

Nearly 80% of metastases are observed in the cerebrum.

5. What are the other conditions that can cause misdiagnosis of brain metastases?

Hemorrhages, primary tumors, and abscesses may be diagnosed as brain metastases.

6. What is the frequency of incidence of brain metastases from primary lung cancer?

Nearly 25% of primary lung cancer patients are affected with metastases to the brain.

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