Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for blountís disease?

You should consult a pediatric orthopedic (bone specialist for children) surgeon.

2. Can bowed legs be considered to be a deformity?

Yes, this is true in case of blountís disease. but in case of physiological bowed legs, it is not considered to be a deformity as it becomes normal with age.

3. Is blountís disease genetic?

A genetic link has been suggested as a possible cause of blountís disease.

4. Can bowed legs cause knee problems?

Yes, especially if left untreated.

5. How can I tell if my child has blountís disease?

If you see bowing of one or both of the legs, it could be due to blountís disease and you should immediately consult a pediatric orthopedic surgeon.

6. Is it possible to cure blountís disease?

Yes, if diagnosed at an early age and with timely treatment.

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