Frequetly Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for bladder spasms?

A physician should be first consulted to identify which could be the possible system affected; further work and investigation will then be required. As required, a urologist, nephrologist or a neurologist may be consulted for further treatment.

2. Can bladder spasms cause constipation?

Constipation is one of the causes of bladder spasms as it can cause an obstruction in the flow of urine.

3. What are nerves in the spine that control the bladder?

The nerves that control the bladder are connected to the central nervous system. These nerves are the sacral nerves; in particular they are the pelvic splanchnic and the pudendal nerve.

4. What is a neurogenic bladder?

A neurogenic bladder is when the neurogenic supply to the bladder is affected. This may result due to the damage in the nerves into an overactive bladder or a flaccid bladder.

5. What is an overactive bladder?

An overactive bladder can result in a constant urge for urination due to inability for the bladder to store urine and result in urinary incontinence. This affects the quality of life of the patient placing them in embarrassing situations.

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