Diverticulum Outward bulge of the inner epithelial layer through a defect in the muscle layer resulting in a pouch like projection externally

Epithelium Layer of cells closest to the lumen of the bladder

Congenital Present since birth

Catheter Thin flexible tube with opening at both ends. It is inserted into bladder via the urethral opening and held in place to empty the bladder when the patient is unable to pass urine properly due to various causes


Tatarewicz Saturday, March 17, 2018

Draining bladder [1000 mls] takes a minute but remaining 50 - 100 takes two - three minutes, lifting leg doggie style, using intermittent catheter (enlarged prostate). Would latter slow drainage indicate diverticula ? Also, urine test shows "bacteria - many;" should this be a concern?

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