Last Updated on Aug 18, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for sleep related problems during my pregnancy?

You can discuss sleep related queries with your gynecologist. If any further assistance is required such as consulting a therapist or counselor, your gynecologist will guide you regarding the same.

2. What sleep position during pregnancy should I avoid?

There are two sleep positions which are advised to be avoided during pregnancy, having said that you must not panic if you turn over while sleeping and find yourself waking on your back. Preferably take someone’s assistance to maintain a left S.O.S position.
  • Sleeping on your back, as this can cause breathing problems, backache, heartburn, hemorrhoids, low blood pressure and reduce blood circulation to your heart and to your baby.
  • Sleeping on your stomach: In later stages of pregnancy, it is impossible to lie on your abdomen due to the bulging.

3. Do I need a pregnancy pillow?

Using a pregnancy pillow completely depends on your choice and requirement. It is not mandatory that one must buy them; however, women who have used a pregnancy pillow have found it highly comforting during their pregnancy days. There are various types of pillows available in the market depending on individual needs, such as U shaped pillow, C shaped pillow, full length pillow etc. The aim of these specially designed pillows is to give utmost comfort and care to pregnant ladies.

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