Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for steroid medications?

General Practitioner (GP) must be first consulted, for knowing the effects of steroids on body. Based on the symptoms one experiences you maybe be referred to an Endocrinologist by the GP.

2. Is it illegal to be on steroids?

If one has been prescribed steroid as a medication, it can be consumed. However, using as performance enhancer by athletic and bodybuilding professionals is illegal.

3. Why does one feel bloated when on steroids?

Steroids lead to fluid retention in body. As a result, the muscles tend to look soft and bloated.

4. What are the psychological effects of steroid dependence?

The psychological dependence to steroids can lead to depression, anxiety, anger and other behavioral problems.

5. What is the treatment for steroid addiction?

The treatment includes individual counselling, group therapy or detoxification. A de-addiction center must be contacted if the addiction is severe.

6. How do steroids increase risk for osteoporosis?

Steroid medications have a big risk of bone fracture. They reduce bone density and lead o osteoporosis.

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