Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for arachnoiditis?

If you have arachnoiditis, you should consult a neurologist.

2. Is it possible that arachnoiditis could cause paralysis?

Yes. In severe cases of arachnoiditis, there is sometimes an exacerbation of the symptoms that can lead to paralysis of the lower limbs.

3. What are the first signs that will tell me that I could be suffering from arachnoiditis?

You might be suffering from arachnoiditis if you experience the following: Numbness or tingling sensations and weakness in the legs, which could be accompanied by excruciating shooting pain resembling an electric shock.

4. What can be done if I suffer from arachnoiditis?

There is currently no cure for arachnoiditis. Treatment essentially involves strategies for chronic pain management.

5. What should I do if I have to live with arachnoiditis?

It is recommended to take the pain medications regularly. Since chronic pain is very difficult to live with, it is advisable to join support groups, and try to find holistic ways to overcome the stress arising from chronic pain. Sometimes, psychiatric help can also be sought.

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