Last Updated on Sep 02, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor treats aniridia?

Aniridia is treated by a pediatric ophthalmologist (eye who specialises in eye diseases of children)

2. How does aniridia affect vision?

Aniridia affects vision through multiple mechanisms, which include development of keratopathy, cataract, glaucoma, retinal tears and retinal detachment.

3. What is the prognosis or outcome of a patient with aniridia?

Patients with aniridia have reduced vision, which may progress to blindness. Patients who develop Wilms tumor have reduced life span.

4. What is a coloboma of the iris?

A coloboma of the iris is a localized absence of tissue from the iris that is present from birth.

5. Is aniridia associated with other health problems?

As mentioned above, aniridia can cause several complications within the eye, and can be associated with serious conditions like Wilms tumor. Therefore, it is important to regularly follow the child so that complications can be detected and treated early.

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