Last Updated on Sep 25, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which specialist should I consult for my alcohol dependence problem?

You need to see a psychiatrist who is an addiction specialist.

2. I have an alcohol dependence problem. Is weight loss surgery right for me?

Weight loss surgery offers a lot of benefits. You should however consult an addiction specialist before surgery and seek his advice. You may also need to attend regular follow-ups after the surgery to reduce or prevent the risk of alcohol abuse and related problems.

3. How much alcohol is considered safe after weight loss surgery?

The amount varies between person to person, but a simple rule is ‘just one drink after surgery will affect you in the same manner as two or even three before surgery’.

4. How else can alcohol affect one after weight loss surgery?

Remember, alcohol contains calories but not much nutrition. These empty calories, especially if consumed in excess might actually interfere with your weight loss goals.

5. Which weight loss surgery is better to reduce the risk of alcohol abuse later?

Sleeve gastrectomy is associated with a lesser incidence of alcohol abuse.

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