Energy (Calories) Rich Foods

(based on levels per 100-gram serving)

Find foods that are highest and lowest in these nutrients.

(based on levels per 100-gram serving).
1Lard (902kcal)
2Fish oil, sardine (902kcal)
3Fish oil, salmon (902kcal)
5Fish oil, menhaden (902kcal)
6Fish oil, herring (902kcal)
7Fish oil, cod liver (902kcal)
8Fat, mutton tallow (902kcal)

9Fat, beef tallow (902kcal)
19Fat, turkey (900kcal)
20Fat, goose (900kcal)
21Fat, chicken (900kcal)
45Oil, wheat germ (884kcal)
46Oil, walnut (884kcal)
48Oil, ucuhuba butter (884kcal)
49Oil, tomatoseed (884kcal)
50Oil, teaseed (884kcal)
58Oil, sheanut (884kcal)
62Oil, rice bran (884kcal)
63Oil, poppyseed (884kcal)
65Oil, palm (884kcal)
67Oil, oat (884kcal)
68Oil, nutmeg butter (884kcal)
69Oil, mustard (884kcal)
91Oil, hazelnut (884kcal)
92Oil, grapeseed (884kcal)
94Oil, cupu assu (884kcal)
97Oil, corn and canola (884kcal)
99Oil, cocoa butter (884kcal)
100Oil, canola (884kcal)

Data source: USDA Nutrient Database, R22

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