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Mission Statement

we are glad to inform you that we are engaged in providing services for noble cause that includes orphanage for senior citizens who have neither children nor properties, and also orphanage for children who have no parent’s welfare providing non-profit services free homes, that includes promoting education and counseling for alcohol and other intoxicates have one. Glimpse of ‘Orphan Homes’: Under the aegis of "AMMA NANNA CHARITABLE TRUST (ACT)", the "Amma Nanna Orphan Old Age Home" who have neither children nor properties began its services to the orphan older (Female & Male) and “Induvadhanamma Child Welfare Orphan Home” who have no parents began its services to the orphan children (Boys & Girls) Inmates with a burden and commitment since 2006 and 2010 respectively at a backward village namely ‘Desapathrunipalem ‘(Village), Greater Visakhapatnam. Nearer to Yalamanchili, very near to Anakapalli, Gajuwaka, Malkapuram, Naval Base and also near to Rajahmandry, Kakinada, Vijayawada, Vijayanagaram and East & West Godavari by providing them food, clothes, shelter and medical aid with our meager contributions with a view to eradicate their impeding problems on humanitarian grounds. The present strength of our "Orphan Old Age Home" is 25 & ‘Orphan Children Home’ is 35 and manning with the qualified staff and prompt care being attended by us with our Governing Body of our charitable ministries. All the services are being provided to the Inmates without any charges. Our trust’s main emphasis is to provide basic literacy and facilities both for child labor/street children and other poor children for those who wish to study further and accomplish physical, intellectual and aesthetic development of the child. We are in opinion to provide medical aid and other provisions to the very poor needy children, HIV Patients adults and children, older persons and other neglected communities at our backward villages through regular operation of a Mobile Medical Units at the nook and corners of our district in the ensuing period. WHAT WE DO >> Focus Focus Both Mrs. G. Suguna, Managing Trustee and Mr. G. Koteswarara Rao , Founder & Secretary as instruments are in passionate pursuit of excellence in their relationship with Almighty and share the love of God among poor needy orphan older Inmates, disabled children and other needy orphan children both child labor/ street children so as to arrest their impeding problems on humanitarian grounds. They both are wife & husband bestowing their personal attention with their own moneys collected through their business income and the salary amount of the secretary in spending the same for the welfare of the orphan and very poor semi orphan since its inception. They look to the Almighty always for guidance and help though they have had the various kinds of difficulties including financial constraints while commissioning the contemplated activities. Yet they are not disappointed. As their dedication remains inspired always positively in reaching their goals diligently for the benefit of the orphan and very poor semi orphan needy people. As usual on 3rd December we organize ‘World Disabled Day’ and observance of ‘International Woman Day’ on 8th March at our project administrative office, Pedagantyada, Gajuwaka, Greater Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad Capital, State of Andhra Pradesh, India. Nearer to Yalamanchili, very near to Anakapalli in every year with our Inmates, orphan and very poor semi orphan needy child labor/street children and normal children along with widows by way of encouraging them in distribution of clothes, food and paid travel subsidy with our paucity of donations availability. Apart from this with a view to take part in establishing communal harmony, this trust forges ahead to under take various social activities for the benefit / welfare of the community such as distribution of clothes to orphan and very poor older persons, distribution of food items, clothes etc. to orphan and very poor child labor/ street children and disabled children in slum areas, very poor people feeding and so on with our meager contributions availability. REALITY Poverty is rampant in our back ward villages in the State of Andhra Pradesh and adjoining states Disparity between the rich and poor is obviously launched in these villages. These villages have the dubious distinction of having the largest number of bonded and child labor. Women & Children are thus exploited & denied education and their further prosperity. The plight of the unemployed youth is pathetic. Most of these children are worked as domestic labor with pitiful salaries. Children are thus exploited, denied education and future. The poor people of these villages are very pathetic. These poor people who live a hand to mouth life by earning for low & daily labor charges and miserable living conditions make them to send their children for low & mental jobs to earn some more additional income for eking out their families. In the absence of raids & famines occur, many people become unemployed. Health education is nearly imparted and most of the people suffer from congenital diseases even without knowing about them. So mortality rate in this project area and adjacent villages is far more than in advanced societies. The nearest full pledged hospital is sometimes about 25 to 30 Km’s away and it may be physically impossible to gain entrance into a specialist hospital. Unhygienic conditions and illicit contacts spread communicable diseases like cholera, dioharrea, TB, Jaundice, HIV / Aids, Polio & deformities are still prevalent. These particular villages have no facilities for poor, destitute and disabled children in the matter of education, health & protection. The people of these villages being subjected to poverty the women have no alternative other than going for work along with men-folk at different places to augment the sources of their family. HOW TO GET INVOLVED This Charitable Trust began social work humbly to encourage the orphan and very poor semi orphan needy child labor and street children and normal children by way of extending our support for education, food, clothes on free of charges so as to bring them as great citizens of our nation and support the orphan older mothers and fathers totally 25 Inmates at our "AMMA NANNA ORPHAN OLD AGE HOME", and support the orphan children totally 35 Inmates at our "INDUVADHANAMMA CHILD WELFARE ORPHAN HOME" DESAPATRUNIPALEM (V), GREATER VISAKHAPATNAM Hyderabad Capital, State of Andhra Pradesh, India. Nearer to Yalamanchili, very near to Anakapalli by way of providing them both lodging and boarding facilities on free of cost without any disparity in caste, creed and religion since 2006 and 2010 respectively. Status of Orphan Older Persons The orphan older persons both female & male who are residing in our backward villages being entangled with severe problems through their characteristics may differ obviously consequent on their poverty and illiteracy particularly in poor communities . At present these orphan older persons do not possess with good health and unable to do any work. Also they feel themselves that they are burden on themselves. At this agonic situation, they become continuous of the attitude of themselves and they wish to die at the earliest. Living conditions of Child labor/Street Children & Orphans This trust is founding adequate number of child labor/street children disabled, destitute orphan / semi orphan children who are inter linked to this organization and they are in need of assistance like shelter, food and educational facilities. The little flocks are starving like any thing and this ministries desires to open regular orphanages to these destitute children and make them as faithful children of Almighty by providing the food, shelter, clothes & educational facilities whenever if necessary. We felt it necessary to implement our proposed projects by inducting the very poor needy disabled & normal children by way of nurturing them educationally, spiritually, physically, & socially through your magnanimous and unstinted support so as to enable us to serve the needy destitute children more effectively and experience the bliss of the “Spirit of Service”. We cannot alone to meet the running cost expenses of our existing Orphan Old Age Home and Orphan Children Home following on our paucity of our contributions existence and unable to pay heavy building rentals with 20% hiked up abnormally every year. We hope that if we have an owned site eventually we can does more justice to these orphan older Inmates and orphan children by providing all the welfare amenities scrupulously for their better future life. NEED YOUR SUPPORT Could you please shake your hands in the humanitarian task and noble cause of raising funds in Aid of the orphan and very poor semi orphan needy? Your support empowers the society with the resources to share responsibility in one of the some common activity with this society as mentioned below: • Orphan Old Age Home (25 Inmates) • Orphan Children Home (50 Boys / Girls) • Residential Primary School (child Labor/street children) • Vocational Training Centre (Disabled ) • Orphan Care Home for HIV infected children • Mobile Medical Units (3 centers) • Income Generating Programmes(Widows)

Aim & Objective of NGO

Vision: We have a vision and burden for the neglected an orphan, very poor semi orphan poor and other general needy people in reminiscence of our late parents who have had the compassion for them in order to eradicate their poverty, inequality and to promote dignity, respect among their neighbors. We wish to take longer strides ahead and scale new heights of excellence in the filed of service to Humanity with greater speed and conviction to translate our Cherished Vision into reality Hope: We hope that God will release the orphan and very poor semi orphan and other needy from hidden cycles of oppression and despair besides God will reverse any curse and multiply blessings in their lives thro’ your philanthropic support. Ban completely use and sale alcohol and other intoxicates in all over India for develop the very poor, poor, below middle and middle class people. Unless ban sale and use alcohol and other all intoxicate neither Government nor NGO’s save their lives and develop people of the nation. For ban use and sale alcohol and other intoxicates no need to give subsidies to the poor and other peoples because 70 to 80% of their income save in the very poor and poor families and 50 to 60% of their income save in the below middle and middle class families which expend for intoxicates. we weren’t alerted when corruption at the budding stage and now we have been struggling for it which spreads all roots and danger for the nation development and also safe human being existence. Now alcohol and other intoxicates are becoming 1000 times more dangerous than corruption, it will spread all families lives, in next 5 to 10 years, we won’t find home without alcohol having one Objectives: • Caring for the Orphan Older mothers / fathers & Orphan children; • Uplift the poor, needy & mental retarded and other children without any discrimination in caste, creed and religion; • Loving the unloved; • Training Centre for self-employments in the poor youth and widows • Striving hard for the achievement of relating education to the life needs of the poor needy children Assurance: We assure you of our ethical zeal of nonprofit service to the tender generation born to serve our nation as differently able citizens because “Ability knows no Handicap”

Contact Address

Name Of NGO Induvadhanamma Child Welfare Orphan Home
Acronym of NGO ICWOH
Address1 Aditya Nagar
Address2 Desapathrunipalem
City visakhapatnam
State Andhra Pradesh
Pincode/Zipcode 531021
Country India




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