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 Your Way of Shaking Hands can Reveal Your Personality
Your way of shaking hands can say a lot about your personality.

According to renowned communication author Allan Pease, certain techniques can communicate dominance or submissiveness, and can affect the outcome of a meeting, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

He said that one should keep their palm vertical and give the same pressure as they receive in order to create a positive first impression.

Pease said that the stronger a person's handshake, the more likely it will be in the 'upper hand' in a greeting and by giving equal pressure and a vertical handshake, it will put others at ease and creative a positive environment to begin a face-to-face encounter.

He said that there are few terrible handshakes that should be avoided at all costs, such as "the dominator", which is felt by the other person, because their hand is forcibly moved so that their palm is facing up, beneath the other person's and it can be intimidating, and gives the receiver little chance to establish an equal relationship.

"The glove handshake" tries to give the receiver the impression that he's trustworthy and honest by placing both hands on the other person's, but this has the reverse effect, while "The dead fish" handshake, which involves a soft and placid shake, communicates a lack of confidence, as well as a lack of strength of personality. It's a popular style of handshake among both men and women.

Source: ANI

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