Your Job Profile can Shed Light on Your Sex Life

by Kathy Jones on Jun 12 2014 11:13 PM

 Your Job Profile can Shed Light on Your Sex Life
A person's job profile can reveal a lot about their sex lives, claims a new survey.
The Great Australian Sex Census, which was conducted by dating site on 17,000 Aussies about their bedroom behaviours, has 54.5 percent people, who worked in the legal industry are most satisfied their sex lives, reported.

It was also found that almost half of those in IT and telecommunications, 44 percent, said they were unsatisfied in the bedroom, while real estate agents lived up to their sleazy reputations, with 44.7 percent sleeping with more than 21 people in their lifetime.

The Sex Census also revealed 51.9 percent prefer to have sex in a bed, while apartment balconies 7.1 percent are the second most popular, followed by the shower 6.6 percent, and on the beach 5.8 percent.


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