by Julia Samuel on  November 17, 2016 at 10:46 PM Anti-Aging News
Young Blood Reverses Aging by Forming Neurons in Brain
By injecting younger blood into older specimens, it has a rejuvenation affect on the latter.

The groundbreaking study took blood from 18-year olds and injected it into older mice, and found the mice, which were the equivalent to 50-years old in human terms, acted younger.

The investigation saw experts inject the older mice with the younger people's plasma twice daily for three weeks. They then compared the older mice with infant mice and rodents of the same age and found the tested mice acted similarly to younger mice - such as running around more energetically Additionally, there was evidence that the mice's memory had improved.

Sakura Minami of Alkahest said: "We see a rejuvenation effect. Young human plasma improves cognition. Their memory was preserved."

Alkahest founder Karoly Nikolich said, "We have, actually, now for the first time discovered that there are hundreds of proteins that change with ageing. What we see in ageing plasma is that there is an increase of proteins that are inflammatory, that cause cell death."

The team examined parts of the mice's brain that received plasma and noticed that they had more newly formed neurons. Neurons are created through neurogenisis which is an essential to younger people to help them learn and memorise. Ms Minami said: "It's pretty dramatic. [When we] do treatment we see a doubling of that."

Source: Medindia

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