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 Young and Healthy People Need to Enroll- for the Health Care Law to Succeed
On 1st of October the Affordable Care Act's health exchanges will be online. Millions of citizens will then log on and be able to choose their cover according to costs and coverage options.

17 states and the District of Columbia will operate their own exchanges, 7 states will operate in partnership with the federal government, and the remaining 26 states will be run by the government. All the states - including the federal government including the President are aware that there will be many hurdles in the transition of health care norms.

There will be a host of technical challenges involving the IRS information, the subsidy level and employment data.

Foreseeing bugs in the software, the Department of Health and Human Services have reduced the 21 page form to a 3 page form. Enrollment is a major uncertainty that could undermine the best laid plans.

Insurance companies are worried that young people, especially men, who are healthy, may not see the necessity of buying insurance and may just pay the penalty instead. This would lead to costlier premiums and fewer people would be willing to enroll.

Fortunately the young people believe in President Obama, proved by the voting and also the President shares a special bond with the younger generation and he should be able to convince them to get health insurance.

†Also the society should be made aware that buying insurance is a part of every individual's responsibility, rather than end up in the emergency room - where the society pays for your treatment.

Massachusetts practices could be adopted where many campaigns encouraged enrolments by young people. The state emphasized and promoted enrolments of young people. The state hosted a "Health Connector Day" at Fenway Park - during Red Sox Games along with attractive subsidies for and affordable policies for the age group of 19 -26 year olds.

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