by Bidita Debnath on  May 7, 2016 at 8:59 AM Lifestyle News
 Young Adults Spend More Than Three Hours a Day on Smartphones
Millennials - those born in the two decades after 1980s - are hooked to their smartphones or phablet screens for over three hours a day, media reported.

The amount of time that the millennials are devoting to their screens is such that before the end of the present decade, smartphone time will be greater than the time spent on all other screens combined, reported.

The report, based on data released by market research firm Global Web Index (GWI), showed that the average 18-to 32-year-old now spends 3.14 hours a day glued to their smartphone or phablet screen. In 2012, millennials averaged 1.78 hours a day and that time has risen steadily every year since.

By 2014, it was 2.72 hours a day and two years later the average is 3.14 hours. However, the report states that over the same period, the time devoted to other web-enabled screens has continuously fallen to its present total of four hours a day.

Source: IANS

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