Wrong Type of Bra may Hurt Breasts

 Wrong Type of Bra May Hurt Breasts
Researchers from the Hampshire University’s Department of Sports Science have said that women who wear the wrong type of bra may be unknowingly damaging their breasts.
Lead researcher Dr Joanna Scurr and colleagues tested about 50 bra designs on hundreds of women and found that just a few of the bra designs have the ability to limit vertical and horizontal movement of the breasts.

"Many women have strong preferences for certain styles of bra and won't buy anything else. They won't even look at anything that doesn't look like the sort of bra they are used to wearing,” said co-author Wendy Hedger.

"Some women forget that their shape and size change and they might have to go through several changes in bra size over their lifetime, especially after breastfeeding and the menopause."


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