'World's Lightest Vehicle' Comes as Electric Skateboard

by Krishna Bora on Sep 24 2012 9:56 PM

Students from a US university have created the world's lightest vehicle - an electric skateboard that is capable of reaching speeds of 20mph.
The Stanford students behind the Boosted Board said that it could be used by tourists, commuters and for everyday getting around.

The Boosted Board is built on a standard longboard, and weighs 12lbs.

Two brushless motors are used to drive the rear wheels, creating 2000 watts (2.6 horsepower), the Daily Mail reported.

Regenerative braking is used to recharge the battery while moving.

Lithium batteries, which can be recharged in two hours, gives 6 miles of use.

They recently launched a Kickstarter fund to build the gadget, and have already raised over 260,000 dollars - more than double their initial aim.

The firm said that the key to the board's success will be how light it is.

"Light is great for lots of reasons, like better handling and acceleration," the firm said on its Kickstarter page.

"But it also means unprecedented portability. Carry it into a classroom, through the lobby to your office, upstairs to your apartment, onto a bus, or even aboard an airplane.

"With a capable electric vehicle that weighs a mere 12 lbs (prototype weight), you'll change how you think about vehicles," they said.

The firm said that it hopes to deliver the first finished products in May next year, and is already building working prototypes.

Over 700 people have already signed up via its funding site, where the firm is offering boards from the first batch from 1199 dollars.

The booster board has an electric motor and a small handheld remote control.

It is powered by a small electric motor, which uses a rubber belt to drive the rear wheels of the skateboard.

A tiny controller, worn like a ring, is used to control the throttle and brake.