World's Largest Spending Travelers Are Saudi Arabians

by Rukmani Krishna on Sep 4 2013 12:14 AM

When it comes to spending the most while traveling, Saudi Arabians are reportedly found to be the leaders.
Saudi Arabians spend a whopping 6414 dollars for each of their overseas trip compared to the global average of 2,501 dollars, followed by the Australians who come close second with an average of 3962 dollars spent on each trip.

According to Visa's latest Global Travel Intentions Study, travelers are expected to spend more on their next trip by an average of five percent this year, Sydney Morning Herald reports.

The survey conducted on around 13,000 people in 25 countries found that travelers from the Middle East and Africa spend an average of 218 dollars per day during their trip, slightly lower than the global average of 239 dollars per day.

The list of world's biggest spenders abroad includes:

1. Saudi Arabia 6414 dollars

2. Australia 3962 dollars

3. China 3679 dollars

4. Brazil 2844 dollars

5. South Africa 2779 dollars