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World’s Hottest Chili is Assam’s Bhut Jolokia
The world's hottest chili pepper is Bhut Jolokia, a variety found in Assam, say researchers at New Mexico State University.

The variety of chili pepper has won Guinness World Records' recognition by beating the previous champion Red Savina.

In replicated tests of Scoville heat units (SHUs), Bhut Jolokia reached one million SHUs, which is almost twice the SHUs of Red Savina, which measured a mere 577,000.

Dr. Paul Bosland, Director of the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University's Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences collected seeds of Bhut Jolokia while visiting India in 2001.

Bosland grew Bhut Jolokia plants under insect-proof cages for three years to produce enough seed to complete the required field tests.

"The name Bhut Jolokia translates as 'ghost chili, I think it's because the chili is so hot, you give up the ghost when you eat it," he said.

Bosland added that the intense heat concentration of Bhut Jolokia could have significant impact on the food industry as an economical seasoning in packaged foods.

Source: ANI

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