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 World’s ‘Heaviest’ Man at 595kg Undergoes Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico
Mexico's Juan Pedro Franco, the world's heaviest man, had to follow a rigorous weight loss program before he could go under the knife to reduce his weight by half.

The procedure on Juan Pedro Franco is intended to reduce his weight by half, and is expected to be followed up with another operation. He has undergone successful gastric bypass surgery, his doctors in Mexico said.

Juan Pedro Franco had to prepare for the surgery by losing some weight and keep his diabetes and blood pressure under control. He followed a rigorous weight loss program to undergo the surgery.

The surgery will help Franco reduce his weight by half which will be followed by another operation, his surgeon Jose Castaneda said. In the second procedure, his stomach size will be reduced and intestines modified.

"The surgery was quite successful. But now we have to wait and see how he responds to the (systemic) change. Let's hope everything goes well," Castaneda said.

Mexico's Manuel Uribe, who in 2007 held the record for being the world's heaviest man at 597 kg, died last year.

Egyptian Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, who was believed to be the world's heaviest woman, recently underwent gastric bypass surgery in India.

Doctors said her treatment, which also included a modified diet, helped her lose 323 kg in three months, to stand at around 177 kg.

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