by Kathy Jones on  November 4, 2013 at 10:25 PM General Health News
 World’s First Mind Controlled Toy Car Developed by Dutch Design Graduate
The world's first toy care that can be controlled with the mind has been developed by a Dutch design graduate who reveals that the toy can move only when the right level of concentration is reached by the user.

According to Cnet, the toy car made by Alejo Bernal from Design Academy Eindhoven can be driven by the users as long as they wear a commercially available Neurosky EEG headset.

Bernal told a design magazine that the increased light intensity of the vehicle indicates the level of attention users have reached.

Once the maximum level is achieved and retained for 7 seconds, the vehicle starts moving forward, Bernal explained.

Bernal added that his project can help users to develop deeper, longer concentration by exercising the brain.

The toy car, however, is a working prototype for Bernal's graduation project.

Source: ANI

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