Wonky Dog on All Fours After Physiotherapy

by Savitha C Muppala on Mar 3 2013 8:26 AM

 Wonky Dog on All Fours After Physiotherapy
A touching story of how sensitive people can be to the needs of animals, especially a disabled 11-week old dog, called wonky, who was unable to even walk due to the deformation in her front legs.
The pup was picked up the Leeds Dogs Trust after it was found roaming the streets of Bradford, apparently abandoned by the mother. Wonky, named due to the problem in her legs, was born with under-developed front legs. Physiotherapy really changed the life of this pup.

Focused and intense physiotherapy for two weeks helped the pup get on her feet and along with it the freedom of being mobile.

This is an extremely rare condition for a pup, physiotherapists said, where the tendons are under-developed; this is possibly due to early separation from her mother.

Her legs were straightened atleast 30 times a day by staff at the Leeds Dogs Trust in a bid to strengthen her muscles.

She is wonky no more and has been able to take the first few steps on all fours.