by Rukmani Krishna on  December 11, 2013 at 11:46 PM Lifestyle News
 Wondering If Your Child Is Ready For Preschool? Want A Few Tips To Help You Decide? Read On!
Parents should analyze whether their child is ready for the big leap into the world of education or not before sending them to preschool, suggests experts.

Parents India Magazine has compiled a list of things parents can do to check their child's readiness to go preschool.

First of all, the child's anxiety to stay away from parents for a few hours is a major indicator that the time is not right to send him away.

If the child suffers from the anxiety of separation, then you can help him or her by increasing the separation time slowly and consistently.

A parent should be able to identify the child's ability to follow simple orders like 'come here', 'go there' and 'sit down', to determine his or her readiness.

Also if a child uses the toilet by himself then he is ready to go to preschool.

Source: ANI

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