Women's Intake of Alcohol Increases After Marriage

by VR Sreeraman on Aug 18 2012 6:30 PM

 Women`s Intake of Alcohol Increases After Marriage
Women who are married tend to consume more alcohol than their unwed or divorced counterparts, finds a study.
Married men, on the other hand, tend to drink less after getting hitched, said the study led by American professor Corinne Reczek, from the University of Cincinnati.

"Women generally increase their intake to keep up with their other halves, while men cut back," Reczek was quoted as saying by the Daily Express.

After divorce, however, men are much more likely than women to turn to alcohol.

Emily Robinson, of Alcohol Concern, the national agency campaigning against alcohol misuse, said: "While couples may open a bottle or two together to share, it should be remembered that women have less tolerance to alcohol than men."