Women With High Pitched Voices are Very Attractive

by Kathy Jones on Apr 26 2013 9:16 PM

 Women With High Pitched Voices are Very Attractive
Women who have high pitched but breathy voice are most attractive while men who have husky voice are more appealing, a new study reveals.
Researchers at University College of London played tapes of male and female voices to opposite sex and found that men liked high-pitched and breathy voice as it suggested small body size while women found men with deep husky voice to be attractive as it indicates that the man is large enough but not aggressive.

“What we found is that for males listening to females, they preferred the voice to be high-pitched – although not too high – and as breathy as possible. These suggest a small body size. Marilyn Monroe would be a very good female example. It makes sense that females don’t like a male who is totally aggressive. The pitch indicates masculinity”, lead researcher Dr Yi Lu said.