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 Woman With Curable Brain Tumour Refusing Surgery to Save Her Looks
A woman with a curable brain tumour is refusing surgery because it will ruin her looks.

Martha McBrier, 46, says that she' rather die than have an abnormal face.

"My growing brain tumour is slowly killing me. It has already destroyed most of my hearing and every morning it takes me over two hours to steady myself enough to get out of bed," the Mirror quoted

But one thing always makes me smile - when I look in the mirror I see my normal face.

Doctors insist they can cure me but the surgery that would save my life could paralyse part of my face.

And while I don't consider myself vain, I would rather die than walk down the road with a face that doesn't look normal.

My fear is that surgery might leave me ugly with a paralysed mouth where I can't eat or talk properly. Or my eye won't close properly or will constantly twitch.

And obvious disability isn't the only thing that stops me having an operation. As a part-time stand-up comedienne, I worry about losing my sense of humour.

The thought that doctors might remove part of me along with this tumour terrifies me," she added.

Source: ANI

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