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Women Spend Three Years of Their Lives on Grooming
Men are bound to moan and groan even louder when they learn that their women spend nearly three years on last minute preening before leaving the house in a lifetime.

The survey was commissioned for Nephria beauty brand in the UK, which found that on an average, women spend two years and nine months over a lifetime preening in front of the mirror when it comes to getting ready for work.

On a big night out, this extends to an hour and 12 minutes on average - which becomes three years in a lifetime.

Typically, 22 minutes of this is spent on showering and shaving their legs, seven minutes moisturising or applying fake tan, 23 minutes drying and styling their hair, 14 minutes doing their make-up and six minutes getting dressed.

Charlotte Newbert, founder of the Nephria, admitted that it was rather 'amazing' how much time women spend on preening.

"It's amazing how our daily routine adds up. But by the time we shower and do our hair and make-up it can take a while. Many women, and men for that matter, have a strict regime they stick to," the Daily Mail quoted her, as saying.

And, there's some more bad new for men - they will spend three months of their lives waiting for their wives and girlfriends to choose a handbag or try on that last pair of shoes just one more time.

The survey showed that blokes spend an average 17 minutes and 25 seconds waiting when they go out with their partners.

The wait is even longer when it comes to shopping. That's when they spend an average of one hour and two minutes each time hanging out outside changing rooms.

Source: ANI

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