by VR Sreeraman on  May 11, 2009 at 12:59 PM Lifestyle News
 Women More Affected By ID Frauds Than Men: Survey
Women in America are more vulnerable to identity frauds than men, revealed a survey.

Conducted by fraud protection service provider Affinion Security Center, the survey has also found that it takes women longer to restore their identities, but they also tend to change their behaviour later.

In the assessment of 808 U.S. households, half of which reported fraud, the researchers found that 28 percent of women had been victims of identity fraud, compared with 21 percent for men.

The findings came in line with an earlier report that women were 26 percent more likely to be victims of identity fraud than men.

And, in the latest survey, 17 percent of women claimed that they had lost 1,000 dollars or more from the fraud, compared to 10 percent of the men questioned.

Women were also more concerned about identity theft than men-80 percent females said that they were "most concerned" with identity theft compared to less than 60 percent with for men.

Tom Rusin, chief executive of Affinion Security Center, said that the disparity between the genders is influenced by the purchasing decisions women make in the household.

"Also, men might see this crime as something that they can deal with on their own," Cnet News quoted him as saying.

He added: "It's no different than a man who waits three weeks to go to the dentist after experiencing a tooth ache, whereas a women might be more likely to address the ache much more quickly."

Source: ANI

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