by Aruna on  November 9, 2009 at 4:04 PM Lifestyle News
 Women Hate Their Partnerís Messiness While Traveling!
According to a new Australian survey most women hate their partners' messiness when they are traveling together.'s latest survey has revealed that contrary to popular belief, men are 10 per cent more likely to book a romantic holiday than their partners.

In fact, they are five times more likely to pay for their partners when traveling together, reports

The survey of 2000 adult Australians in "mixed gender relationships" also found that men are 36 per cent more likely to take long holidays with partners and two out of every three want to share packing responsibilities.

But men hate it when they have to compromise with their partners when traveling, while women say their pet hate is putting up with their partner's messiness.

The survey asked couples how they will travel together, who makes the holiday decisions - and who packs the travel bags.

It was revealed that traveling Australian couples are a mostly "egalitarian and harmonious bunch" with 90 per cent saying they will discuss and agree on their holiday destinations together.

Source: ANI

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