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Women Go Ballistic With Binge Drinking
According to statistics from the Bureau of Crime Statistics the number of women being arrested for violence has surged from 13,373 in 2002-03 to 14,806 in 2006-07 and continues to rise because of binge drinking among women.

The emergency director of St Vincent's Hospital, Gordian Fulde termed the huge rise in the number of cases over the past four years 'scary'.

"Have I seen an upward trend in the number of women involved in assaults? Yes: a) in number, b) in severity. Women tolerate alcohol less. The disinhibition will then mean it disinhibits their control. They'll start swearing, act aggressively and they'll fight. And they'll cause fights," Sydney Morning Herald quoted Dr Fulde, as saying.

Dr Fulde said binge drinking is also making more young women sexually accommodating.

"That sets up for a whole lot of problems." Dr Fulde added.

The statistics bureau chief, Don Weatherburn, revealed that cases of women entering emergency ward with acute alcohol intoxication has also risen.

"The contribution of methamphetamine to female assault is minuscule compared with the contribution of alcohol," Weatherburn said.

In early August, four young women were booked for a violent robbery where they attacked the victims and pushed them to the ground.

The same month, two women were charged with the murder of an 87-year-old for the aggravated robbery of 700 dollars.

Figures by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that about 2 million people drink at a risky level.

The increase in alcohol consumption has been more in women than men. Risky levels include seven standard drinks for men and five for women.

Source: ANI

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