by Kathy Jones on  April 2, 2013 at 8:40 PM General Health News
 Woman Suffers Allergic Reaction Following Consumption of Vet Drugs
A 23-year old woman in New Zealand was rushed to the hospital following an allergic reaction after she accidentally swallowed veterinary penicillin at a farm.

The farm owner, Rick Monk, revealed that Shanae Brookland started working at Mt Ella Station in the Tutaki Valley only a few days ago and said that he had no idea how she managed to ingest the penicillin.

Monk said that the St John ambulance took 45 minutes to arrive from Murchison while a Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter arrived soon after. She was treated by an intensive care paramedic at the scene before being airlifted to Nelson Hospital where she was later discharged.

Monk said that Shanae, who worked as a casual milker, was injecting the cows with penicillin when the incident took place. He added that it was possible she opened the syringe cap with her mouth, thereby coming in contact with the drug. "[The syringe had] a plastic cap on the end. She grabbed the plastic cap in her teeth to pull the syringe off to inject the cow and somehow the penicillin a very small amount, squirted out onto her lip", Monk said

Source: Medindia

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