by Kathy Jones on  June 20, 2014 at 6:47 PM Lifestyle News
 Woman in UK Bizarrely Says She Has Been Raised by Monkeys
After she was left in a jungle at the age of 5 years by kidnappers, Marina Chapman claims that she was brought up by the reclusive breed of Capuchin monkeys. Chapman is now a middle-aged grandmother from Bradford.

63-year-old Chapman from Bradford said that the monkeys taught her to survive and feed herself, and to prove her story, she even underwent a Jaeremy Kyle-style lie detector test, the Mirror reported.

Meanwhile, medical experts also confirmed that she had suffered malnutrition in her youth, which as per the Capuchin monkeys expert was due to living off a diet of just fruit and nuts.

She also said that it was after five years that a couple found her in the jungle and took her in, adding that she had to learn to talk and didn't like wearing clothes at that time.

Chapman who's featured in the documentary 'Raised By Monkeys', returned to Colombia's jungle for the film and hopes that she'll find her real family, but some experts remain skeptical, saying that it could have been the trauma of being abandoned that had affected her imagination.

Source: ANI

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