Woman Finally Calls It Quits After Puffing Away for 95 Years

by Rajashri on Sep 15 2009 11:30 PM

Mrs Winnie Langley, who enjoyed a quite smoke for almost 95 years, has finally kicked the butt because she does not fancy it anymore.

"Everyone used to smoke in those days, you did it to cope. We didn't know about the health problems. I just don't fancy it any more," Mrs Langley told the Daily Mail. "My eyesight is failing so in a few years' time I might not be able to see the pack."

Mrs Langley's step-grandson Clive said, "Her doctors have told her there's not much point stopping now. If she's got to 102 without getting cancer I don't think she ever will."

The lady claims she averted cancer despite smoking five cigarettes a day by not inhaling the smoke. By her own account, she has smoked 170,000 cigarettes till now.