With Next Generation Hospital Fortis Elevates Healthcare Delivery Which Is a First for India and Asia

by Rukmani Krishna on Nov 3 2012 12:15 AM

 With Next Generation Hospital Fortis Elevates Healthcare Delivery Which Is a First for India and Asia
Fortis Healthcare Limited (Fortis) articulated its vision for its next generation hospital, the 'Fortis Memorial Research Institute(Fortis Memorial), expected to open shortly in Gurgaon, India. Fortis is India's largest healthcare provider.
Commenting on the new concept, Malvinder Singh, Executive Chairman, Fortis Healthcare Limited, said, "This is yet another defining step in our endeavour to bring the ultimate healthcare delivery system to the people of India, a thought originally espoused and evangelized by the late Dr. Parvinder Singh, our founder Chairman and father."

"A comprehensive institute, it is aimed at delivering cutting edge medicine in line with the best in the West. No effort has been spared and every conceivable detail looked into, in the setting up of this next generationhospital, positioned as the healthcare destination facility, in Asia," he added.

The Fortis Memorial is a one stop, multi-super specialty quaternary care hospital providing medical excellence.

A first of its kind in Asia, it redefines healthcare delivery, elevating it to a position of individualized, total care for complex medical problems, requiring specialized medical attention.

Adopting a patient centric approach, the Fortis Memorial builds on its four strong pillars of exceptional clinical talent, world-class infrastructure, cutting edge technology, and personalized service delivered with compassion, in a friendly environment.

Dedicating the hospital to the service of the nation, Shivinder Singh, Executive Vice Chairman, Fortis Healthcare Limited, said, "The new Fortis Memorial Research Institute marks a paradigm shift in our interpretation of the idea of holistic patient care and our quest for excellence".

"We have drawn in international quality medical talent, created the best infrastructure, brought in the world's most advanced medical technologies in an environment of compassionate patient care. All our efforts are directed at radically improving clinical outcomes with a warm and friendly experience," he added.

Singh, added: "The facility has been designed with great sensitivity, keeping in mind the anxiety and stress that patients and their families undergo and intuitively addresses these emotions. The overall ambience and facilities support total healing with an emphasis on complete cure and effortlessly strings together wellness into the healthcare mainstay."

In its first phase, Fortis Memorial will have 400 top doctors and more than 1000 nurses to provide the best treatment and care.

It is the first hospital in its category to house a full-fledged stem cell lab for cutting edge medical treatment and also offers Robotic surgery and Organ transplantation for patients.

Fortis Memorial Research Institute is the flagship hospital of Fortis Healthcare Limited. It is a multi-super speciality, quaternary care hospital with a comprehensive team of clinicians and patient care programmes, supported by cutting edge technology and medical research solutions.

Fortis Healthcare Limited is a leading, integrated healthcare delivery provider in the Pan Asia-Pacific region.